Progressus (Latin):

Advance, Increase, Go Forward

Progressus Media is a digital marketing company dedicated to mobile advertising. Our platform enables advertisers to engage new audiences and identify growth opportunities, while providing mobile web publishers and app developers with customized monetization strategies.

Mobilize Digital Media

Mobile advertising is the next big thing. We've been hearing that for a while, but digital media has not kept pace with the rapidly changing mobile hardware and software environment. We focus on mobile, and mobile only. Our experience in the marketplace as a leading publisher and advertiser has taught us valualble lessons about what works - and what does not work - in mobile marketing.

Recapture Mobile Impressions

Every website has mobile visitors. People are increasingly using handheld devices as their primary internet access point. We provide publishers with offers to transform wasted mobile impressions into profit. Our relationships across a broad array of verticals ensure we have the advertising inventory to match prospects with relevant advertisements.

Find New Audience

Tomorrow's digital audience is on the go. Users are filling downtime with mobile browsing. They are receptive to advertising, provided that it is quick, relevant, and user-friendly. We combine focused advertising with proven user experience to generate high-quality, predictable prospect flow from mobile traffic.


Our Approach

We work with both new and established online advertisers to develop mobile ready campaigns. Our focus on partnership enables us to review our clients' desktop best practices and modify them for mobile traffic. Whether we are coding for our clients or advising on strategy, we share what we've learned from tens of millions of mobile impressions.


  • Education
  • Personal Lines Insurance
  • Law
  • Relocation
  • Debt Services
  • Mortgage
  • Auto Finance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Credit Repair

Prospect Acquisition

When evaluating their prospect funnel for mobile traffic, advertisers must contend with a number of new challenges, including limited screen pixels, page load time, user distraction, and dozens of operating systems and browsers. With lessons learned from millions of mobile impressions, we help advertisers avoid mistakes when transitioning their business to mobile.


We employ the latest best practices to ensure our leads are of the highest quality. Prospects are queried against ISP and social media databases to verify accuracy. We believe the only way to be successful in digital marketing is to establish sustainable relationships, through consistent lead quality.


High quality mobile publishers are the bedrock of Progressus Media. We believe publishers should be treated better in digital media: better payouts, better communication, and better performance visibility. We know first-hand the challenges and frustrations publishers face in today's digital marketplace. Sign up today and see the Progressus Media difference.

Offer Inventory

Progressus Media offers mobile publishers one of the most diverse arrays of owned and exclusive offers available in the marketplace. Our relationships with top-level advertisers allow us to offer high performing campaigns that are relevant to diverse audiences.

Proven Performance

We don't subscribe to the idea that users won't complete forms on their mobile phone. The millions of customer prospects in our database have proven otherwise. What's important is to make an offer that works: compatible across devices, fast load times, no duplicate data entry. Our expertise translates into higher earnings for publishers.

Transparent Technology

Our technology system is always growing to meet the demands of the evolving online marketing environment. Progressus Media fosters successful, profitable relationships by enabling all parties to quickly assess campaign performance.

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Mobile Strategy

We work with existing desktop advertisers and publishers to create effective mobile strategies. We provide a range of services: including mobile landing page development, monetization evaluation, and app building.

Outsourced Site Management

For site owners who want to delegate their mobile efforts, we build and manage mobile websites. We are able to align our interests with clients by helping them monetize their mobile traffic. We work closely with our partners to understand their brand and user experience considerations and balance that with revenue production.

App Services & SDKs

Conventional wisdom says there are advertisers, and then there are app developers. We believe this division leads to poor performing apps, and bad in-app user experiences. We consider revenue production before we start coding apps. We believe the most successful apps start with a unified user experience and revenue strategy. If you have an app that requires access to specific advertisements, we can integrate our in-house inventory into a highly effective SDK.

About Us

Progressus Media believes that traditional business values apply to digital media. Know your clients and their businesses, and provide products and services that enable them to succeed. Using proprietary technology and our specialized knowledge of mobile web and app development, we serve the lead generation's need of clients in a broad range of industries.

Our team consists of entrepreneurial innovators with strong track records in a diverse range of industries including Traditional Advertising, Direct Marketing, Software Development, and Internet Services.

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